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Professionals in the Arts & Entertainment industries require swift representation when assignments become available to them in the United States. Musicians, directors, actors, artists, and models must act quickly to secure the appropriate employment authorization for symphonies, auditions, castings, fashion shows, film festivals, and art exhibitions, among other events. Through the harmonization of our legal and industry-specific knowledge, our strategic approaches help creative professionals elevate their careers in the entertainment capitals of the United States, while also facilitating global mobility for international assignments.


  • Permanent Residence (Green Card) Categories

    • EB-1A Extraordinary Ability (Artists, Actors, Directors, Models, Musicians)

    • EB2-NIW National Interest Waiver

  • Other Visa Categories

    • O-1 Extraordinary Ability (Artists, Actors, Directors, Models, Musicians)

    • P-1 Artists & Entertainment Groups

How We Can Help You?

  • At Fraser Immigration Law, PLLC, Shaune D. Fraser, Esq. is fully aware of the legal and logistical issues that arts and entertainment professionals encounter when pursuing their careers in the U.S. We employ a holistic approach for talented professionals navigating the complex legal requirements associated with these industries, allowing for the showcase of their creative abilities.

Notable clients

Alexandre Sayhi
Fashion Model
Represented by: IMG, Scouting One Models, Wilhelmina, NTA Model Management