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At Fraser Immigration Law, PLLC, Shaune D. Fraser, Esq., a 3-time Olympian, Pan American Games Medalist & NCAA Division I Champion & Record-Holder, understands the timing and career-related issues associated with competing, studying, and training in the United States. Having personally experienced the interplay of U.S. immigration law with his athletic career, he understands every aspect of the immigration lifecycle from the perspective of an F-1 student, O-1 Individual of Extraordinary Ability, EB1-A Individual of Extraordinary Ability, and U.S. Citizen. In addition, his encyclopedic knowledge of virtually all athletic disciplines allows him to devise comprehensive legal strategies which highlight and accentuate the achievements of athletes, coaches, and high-performance sports professionals.

Immigration categories | Athletics

  • Permanent Residence (Green Card) Categories

    • EB1-A Extraordinary Ability (Athletes, Coaches, High-Performance Sports Professionals)

    • EB2-NIW National Interest Waiver

  • Other Visa Categories

    • O-1A Extraordinary Ability (Athletes, Coaches, High-Performance Sports Professionals)

    • P-1 Athletes, Teams, Coaches, Managers

International student-athletes at U.S. academic institutions who wish to ensure continuity of their training schedule and coaching staff are advised to plan ahead. Creative legal strategies can also be developed to augment the careers of former athletes who have subsequently transferred their innate knowledge into the coaching field, and for other high-performance sports professionals with opportunities in the U.S.

HOw we can assist you?

  • The U.S. offers very attractive, long-term opportunities for those amateurs and professionals striving for excellence at the highest level of their respective sport. Through our lateral intellect, it is our objective to help facilitate your career ascension and the realization of your goals.